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Purchase & Enquiries

Quality and value are two very important factors when it comes to producing art that will be put on display. With more and more offering to print a wide range of products at competitive prices, often quality is sacrificed.

For optimum quality, speed and cost efficient working, all printing is outsourced. A guide to pricing is given below, although exact prices will be sent on enquiry, given that different photos, ratios, requests, etc. all will result in slightly different prices.

If you are interested in any prints, please send me a message stating which photo(s), what size (rough estimates are fine), and what method of printing you are interested in. I will then promptly find the best price available at the time from trusted companies who do not compromise on quality and get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. You can then decide if you wish to go ahead with the order or not - no obligation to buy...of course! If you live local to Aberdeen and I can deliver the print, then there will be an obvious saving on the cost of delivery.

I offer many printing options, from traditional framing to ultra modern mountings, which are detailed below.

For some general pricing details, a pricing sheet will be coming soon. For now, please get in touch!

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Print Only

The perfect solution for low cost/personal traditional framing (please note, this is not suitable for anything other than traditional framing!).

As framing can be a very personal selection to match its environment, and prices can vary so largely, it is often recommended to source and frame yourself. For this, I offer Print Only. You select the photo and size, and I will have it printed at a high quality, ready to frame. You can then make the personal choices and arrange for it to be framed your way!

Mounting (ready to hang)

Direct Print on Aluminium Backing with six colour Printing
Direct Printing on Aluminium is an affordable alternative to the premium version of mounting a real photographic print on an aluminium backing (also available). Printing uses six-colour UV technology (rather than the typical 4 colour) to achieve some amazingly intense colours in high definition! This type of printing is particularly light resistance, so will stand up to time better than most. It is even water resistant - and therefore suitable for interiors, baths, and kitchens, as well as for exteriors protected from rain and direct sunlight! Comes ready to hang!


Print mounted on Aluminium Backing
The superior of the two Aluminium Print options. An original style photographic print will be mounted onto aluminium backing, rather than the alternative of printing directly onto the Aluminium. The print gets covered by a UV layer which helps to protect it against sunlight which allows the product to come in either a glossy, or matte finish.


Direct Print behind Acrylic
The print is printed directly onto an acrylic frame. This is the more affordable alternative to a print mounted inside acrylic glass. Prints are long lasting six colour printed rather than the typical 4, and comes ready to hang. Acrylic glass gives fantastic optics and also UV protection to the print.


Print under Acrylic glass
A higher quality mount, the print is mounted on aluminium and covered by acrylic glass, giving the ultra-modern look at a premium quality. The Acrylic comes with brilliant optics and UV protection.



Canvas Print
Printed on canvas using UV printing on a custom made, solid wood frame which means there is no fitting or re-tightening required (which is the case in lower quality frames). The image is carried round the frame rather than having white edges, giving a continuation of the photograph onto the wall. Again, comes ready to hang!


Solid Wood Frame
For those who would rather have the fully furnished photograph, I will arrange framing as follows. High quality wooden frame, comes in a range of colours, woods and widths. There is also the option for various passe-partouts and glass weights. All options will be discussed if you are interested in this option.


Solid Wood Frame with shadow gap
A more modern alternative to the normal solid wood fame. Using the same solid wood frame, a gap is used to allow a shadow to appear - making it look like the photo is floating. The photo is mounted on a solid backing and covered before mounting into the frame.


Art Box
Where classic meets modern. An original photo is sealed behind acrylic glass, or printed onto canvas - and then set into a solid wood frame. A choice of 29 frames is available, which you can select, or allow me to make suggestions. As always, this option comes ready to hang.


Art Box Aluminium
The panicle of modern framing. Your image will be mounted in an Aluminium frame, giving the illusion of a frameless print which stands clear of the wall it is on. The photo is printed at the highest quality, and mounted on the frame which is hand made from light weight aluminium. The frame comes ready to hang.


Images and text regarding the printing/framing/etc. adapted from whitewall.com.